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Lobo Performance Tennis Academy
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Our Mission at The Lobo Performance Tennis Academy is to help our players identify and reach their full potential through hard work, attention to detail, and an experienced and enthusiastic coaching staff. Above all else we will provide a fun and safe arena for your child to build confidence on and off the court in our program!

OUR GOAL: The Lobo Performance Tennis Academy’s goal is to create a safe, fun, organized, and enthusiastic atmosphere that promotes the hard work necessary to develop junior tennis players into top college and professional tennis players.

PRIORITIES & ORGANIZATION: At the L.P.T.A we understand that tennis is important but it’s not the most important thing we do in life. To be the most successful tennis player you can be we feel like organization and balance in all areas of your life is essential.

  1. FAMILY: Without family, you wouldn’t be here!  Simple enough really!  Treat your family with respect, always!
  2. SCHOOL:  School is your short-term and long-term future. You will NOT be able to participate in the L.P.T.A. until you have passing grades according to the individual guidelines we set up with your parents. Lets face it, in college tennis, if you’re not passing…you’re not playing!  After tournaments, Mondays off will be mandatory for our full time students to catch up on studies and rest. That is an important part of being a well balanced tennis player.
  3. TENNIS: Tennis is a bonus. It’s a privilege. Without school and family, there is no tennis. Tennis practice should be like recess. Time to forget about school, and other issues and relax, work hard, and have fun!  Let us handle this part!